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    PC and Mac Repair

    PC and Mac Repair

    If your computer won't boot or is having any other hardware issues, we can help.  

    Virus Malware Removal

    Virus and Malware Removal

    We offer Virus and Malware removal for PC and Mac (yes Mac gets viruses too). 

    All virus removals come with the installation of a free antivirus for your computer

    House calls On-site computer repair

    On-Site Computer Repair

    Most of our services can be done at your home or business.  These services can include home or small business networking and new computer setup to name a few.  Call now to set up an appointment with a technician. 

    We also offer:

    Website Design and Hosting

    Website Design and Hosting

    We can design a website for you and your business.  Call for a quote.


    Ram and Hard drive upgrades

    If your computer needs a little more speed, we can upgrade it for you.  Many times this is cheaper and easier than buying a new computer.

    Custom Built Computers

    Custom built PC

    We can build you a custom computer to match your business or gaming needs.

    Smart TV and Streaming Device Setup

    Smart TV and Game Console Setup

    We can also help get your Smart TV or Streaming Device (Roku, Apple TV) setup and working with your internet connection

    New Computer and Internet Setup

    New Computer and Internet Setup

    We will come to your home, setup your Modem\Router and get all of your devices hooked up to the internet

    Migration to New Computer

    Migration to new computer

    Got a new computer (PC or Mac)?  We can transfer the files from your old computer to the new one