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Frequently Reported Scams

Microsoft or Mac Support Scam:

Pop up appears mysteriously on your computer or you get a phone call from someone pretending to be from Microsoft or Apple.

What to do:  Do not call them or hang up immediately.  Do not let them have access to your computer!!!  Call us to check your computer for security problems.

Fake Antivirus Scam:

Pop up appears from an unknown Antivirus.  It says you are infected and need to pay money to remove the infections.

What to do:  Call our number.  the fake antivirus is part of the virus and will need to be removed.


Screen locks with a warning sometimes pretending to be the FBI.  It will ask you to send money or call a number. 

What to do:  Shut down the computer immediately!!!  Call our number and we will help with the issue.

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Feel free to call our techs with anything that might be questionable before you take actions that could cost you $$$